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Synergy O2 Intl. is a global company whose mission is to help the world achieve a better lifestyle. We are creators of a new technology that is helping thousands of people obtain better health and at the same time develop their personal and financial growth.

SynergyO2 International has the combined leadership, vision and expertise of multiple professionals, from corporate executives and marketing specialists who develop innovative sales and marketing strategies; to researchers who develop ground breaking proprietary products, the core of Synergy O2 is experienced, dynamic and adaptable.

Synergy O2 is determined to deliver perfection, perfection is our inspiration and perfection is our catalyst. We strive to accomplish greatness on a corporate level; we intend to achieve this goal by safeguarding our most valuable asset, our distributors.

Relationship Marketing or Direct Selling is now the most effective form of distribution. Person to person marketing allows you to share the SynergyO2 benefits and the business opportunity as an Independent Distributor with others by building your own distribution network around the world.

SynergyO2 Intl. is constantly innovating and has created the best compensation Plan in the network marketing industry for your benefit, providing all the necessary tools to achieve maximum growth potential and short-term financial success.Increase your leadership along with other independent business owners and reach your financial freedom.


SynergyO2 Intl. is plotting a new course in health supplementation and well-being. Our technologically advanced oxygen enhancer is destined to revolutionize nutritional supplementation for many years to come.At SynergyO2 Intl. we believe innovation and advancement are paramount to our current and continued success.

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